Animal Pal Pet Portraits

$25.00 On Sale

I can stylize your beloved pet and create an awesome/funny/weird art for your home.

Please send me pictures with multiple angles of your pet, any pictures of their favorite toy, or examples of their weird personality traits that makes them so unique.

Avg Time to Complete: 5 days

What you get:
High-Res Custom Digital Artwork File that you can print.

Basic Artwork Includes
Color: Full Color
# of Subjects: 1 Subject
Composition: Close-Up Portrait, Full Body or Mid Body
Background: Multi Color (Medium Detail)
Delivered Files: High-Resolution JPG and Raw Files


Send the follow info to: @ gmail .com

A picture is worth a thousand words. Please upload up to 3 high-resolution images that the artist can use as reference. These photos should clearly represent who or what you want in the artwork, poses you want them to have or backgrounds you would like. Avoid blurry, low-light, photos taken from unclear angles.

Describe any details you would want on the subject like clothing, hair style, standing pose etc. Include color preferences for: background or foreground.